Database Value

Investing is an art and you need a canvas to make a beautiful art. Database Value is the best canvas.

Most people don't know hot to get investment ideas.

Let Database Value take care of all your hustle, save your energy.

Best data company in Indonesia

Need a reliable data? No problem.

Do you have any idea who run the company? Database Value gonna provide you the data related to the company background.

Business Analysis

Every company has their own business process and very unique. Most investor don't have any ideas about how the company make profit. Database Value gonna solve your problems.

Product Analysis

Coal companies have different product with retail companies. That's the reason why we need to understand the product. Database Value gonna solve your problems. (Again)

Forecasting the Future

We forecast the future of the company like next revenue and cost. Our goal is to find a bullish company.

The data is complete and very useful, we need more education class to discuss about companies businesses.— User Database Value.

Find the right data for your investment journey.

No worries. Our team gonna help you to learn how to read Database Value, just choose the plan.

Quarterly Plan

IDR 3.515.000/ 3 months

The package provides any business analysis, consist of:

  • Financial Report
  • Business profile and business process
  • Dig dip of product analysis
  • Forecasting the next quarter performance
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Yearly Plan

IDR 8.888.000/year.

Quarterly Plan plus discount more than 30%. Well, for dedicated investor, this plan is the most suitable product.

Do not worry, we gonna invite you to our telegram group to learn about this database.

Boutique Research

Let us know what you need.

Premium research by request. Let us know what you have in mind and we gonna find a solution. It depends on your needs, like company research or economic research.

Whatever you dream up!


Free Example

Give us a try! The Trial includes one analysis of company in Indonesia Stock Market.

Make your investment journey efficient with our help.

You can contact us by using Whatsapp at +6285212135593 or email to [email protected]